Oh! Well, hey there. Looks like you found me out. 

Yup, it's me,  J. P. Greyheart. Obviously a pen name. I mean, who would want to write about themselves?

So here's the secret you've stumbled on: all the art for Pirantina, even some ancient stuff from when I was a  kid. 

As stated in the books, I made up Pirantina when I was really young. Quickmick was my first character at the age of 5. He was my imaginary friend till the elves and Yaitolan came around in 7th grade. 

So, you might be asking yourself, why is it such a big deal making myself a pen name?

I'm literally just writing about the adventures I imagined up when I was a kid. 

Unfortunately, it is looked down upon, writing yourself into a book and all. I never understood why, I personally don't feel as if I've committed a literary sin. 

These are my characters, and I've spent all my life frolicking across the universe with them in dreams and when bored in high school. There are deeper reasons to why each one exists as an individual, but I'll let you guys speculate upon that yourself. 

Do me a favor and don't make my real identity widely known...

We've gotta keep the dream veil up ;)

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